Student Advisory Board

The Wharton AI & Analytics Initiative Student Advisory Board is comprised of a diverse cohort of undergraduate and graduate students who take on leadership roles within their respective student club(s). Their responsibilities include gathering student feedback, fostering engagement, and disseminating resources to enhance the student experience and increase access to AI and analytics opportunities and resources at Wharton.

Danny Coale, W'24

Daniel Coale, a Senior in Wharton concentrating in Business Analytics and Sports Management. At Penn, I am a Wide Receiver on the Sprint Football team, President of the Wharton Undergraduate Sports Business Club, Head of Football Analytics for the Penn Football Team, and on the Wharton Sports Analytics Journal Editorial Board.

The Wharton Undergraduate Sports Business Club (WUSBC) aims to educate students on the world of sports business, build awareness of career & internship opportunities in the industry, and help students to reach those positions. Learn more here.

The Penn Sports Analytics Group (PSAG) is the premier sports analytics organization at the University of Pennsylvania that provides matchup and player profiles to Penn sports teams using state-of-the-art data analysis. Learn more here.

Rio Dharma, WG’24

Rio Dharma, WG’24, is a Wharton MBA candidate majoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He currently serves as co-president of the Wharton AI & Analytics Club, advancing his passion for leveraging data-driven insights to lead strategic decisions. Prior to Wharton, Rio worked in product management and business operations roles in the consumer packaged goods sector for retail coffee and sugar. In his spare time, Rio enjoys reading, playing pick-up basketball, and exploring new coffee shops.


The mission of the Wharton AI & Analytics Club is to advance the education, careers, and community of Wharton MBAs interested in data & analytics, across industries and functions. Learn more here.

Sophia Feldman, C'25

Sophia, originally from Venezuela, is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Cognitive Science with a minor in Consumer Psychology. She is interested in how neuroscience can explain decision-making, and the applications of brain-machine interfaces. As president of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Student Society (WiNSS), she cultivates a community of students who are interested in the intersection of brain science and business. Outside of WiNSS, Sophia is Co-President of Jewish Latinos at Penn, she is involved in Wharton Latino, and is a Research Assistant at the Wharton Behavioral Lab. In her free time, Sophia enjoys running, drawing, and exploring new restaurants in Philly!

Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Student Society

The Wharton Neuroscience Student Society (WiNSS) is an inclusive community, open to any and all faculty, undergraduates, graduate and professional students, and staff regardless of background, qualifications, or academic track, connected and defined simply by a shared interest and enthusiasm for understanding the roots of human behavior, and translating this knowledge into new applications to improve business and society. Learn more here.

Ignacio Hounie , GrE’26

Ignacio Hounie, GrE’26 is a third-year doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. His research primarily focuses on optimization, signal processing and statistics applied to Machine Learning, and has published several papers in the area. He is always enthusiastic about recent developments in ML and Data Science, and how these tools can help design complex real-world systems. He is originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, where he obtained a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from UdelaR, and then worked as a data engineer at MontevideoLabs.


The mission of the Wharton AI & Analytics Club is to advance the education, careers, and community of Wharton MBAs interested in data & analytics, across industries and functions. Learn more here.

Randy Li, C’24, GEng’24

Randy Li is an undergraduate student studying mathematical economics and philosophy of science and a master’s student in the data science program (C’24, GEng’24). He led the Kaggle Team for two years prior to assuming the role of Co-President in Penn Data Science Group. Randy is broadly interested in applying machine learning to fields such as quantitative finance, natural language processing, and music. In his pastime, Randy can be found brewing coffee, learning new languages, or tinkering with computers.


Our mission is to build a social and professional community for students to exchange ideas, connect with industry professionals and develop the skills needed to have a successful data science career. Learn more here.

Aryan Nagariya, W’24 SEAS’24

Aryan Nagariya is a senior studying CS at SEAS and Statistics at Wharton. He currently serves as a board member of the Wharton Sports Research Journal and previously served on the board of the Wharton Undergraduate Data Analytics Club (WUDAC) and Wharton Analytics Fellows (WAF). Outside of analytics, he is involved with the Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS) team at Wharton Investment and Trading Group (WITG). He also enjoys teaching and served as a TA for courses ranging from Machine learning, Discrete mathematics, and Applied Probability Models for undergrads, MBAs,
and executive MBAs. In his free time, he can also often be found playing soccer at Penn Park.


Understanding the increasing quality of sports analytics research done by students, our mission is to provide a platform for students to showcase their innovative research, empirical studies, and theoretical contributions, promoting critical thinking, intellectual growth, and scholarly engagement within the realm of sports analytics. Learn more here.

Keshav Ramji, W'24

Keshav is a senior from New York studying Finance and Statistics in Wharton and Computer Science in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is the President of WUDAC (Wharton Undergraduate Data Analytics Club) and a past member of the Wharton Analytics Fellows and Analytics Accelerator Participant. Keshav is interested in enabling data-driven solutions to real-world problems, and is passionate about growing interest in machine learning and AI among the undergraduate student body. Aside from WUDAC, he is also the Founder and President of Machine Learning Research at Penn (MLR @ Penn), and a portfolio manager for the Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS) team at WITG. In his free time, Keshav enjoys playing tennis and various racquet sports, and watching movies.


We provide University of Pennsylvania undergraduates with the chance to develop data analytics skills, explore career paths in the field of data analytics, network with professionals in data-driven industries, and be a member of a data-focused community at Penn. Learn more here.


PRiML.upenn is a joint effort of Penn Engineering and Wharton, and brings together the large and diverse machine learning community at Penn. Learn more here.

Hyo Yang, WG'24

Hyo is an MBA candidate at The Wharton School, pursuing a double major in Statistics & Data Science and Operations. She serves as co-president of the Wharton AI & Analytics Club. She recently interned at Amazon Web Services as a Technical Product Manager, where she spearheaded the vision for a Generative AI-driven Virtual Assistant designed for internal frontline engineers. Prior to Wharton, Hyo served as a Data Science Manager at Amazon, overseeing analytics for top-tier advertisers and pioneering the global advertising experimentation product. Her tech experience also extends to roles at Uber, IBM, and an early-stage Web3 startup. In her free time, Hyo enjoys golf, attending art and music events, and exploring local coffee spots and eateries.


The mission of the Wharton AI & Analytics Club is to advance the education, careers, and community of Wharton MBAs interested in data & analytics, across industries and functions. Learn more here.

Joanne Yang, W'24

Joanna Yang, W’24, is studying Statistics and Finance in the Wharton School with a minor in Computer Science, while also pursuing a master’s degree in Data Science. Joanna is the President of Wharton Analytics Fellows and a past participant of the Analytics Accelerator, which is a program that connects
undergraduate and graduate students interested in data science to opportunities to solve corporate problems through data science, with clients like McDonald’s, IKEA, Zillow, and more. In her free time, she can be found playing intramural volleyball, bouldering, or trying out her latest cocktail recipe.


The Wharton Analytics Fellows program unites Wharton undergraduates, MBAs, graduate students, and faculty members in the pursuit of a common goal: tackling our clients’ most complex challenges using the power of analytics. Learn more here.