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Student Spotlight – Emma Segerman and Naomi Korn Tackle the Sports Industry

Emma Segerman and Naomi Korn

Emma Segerman and Naomi Korn have a lot in common. Both are graduating seniors at the University of Pennsylvania – Segerman’s degree is in business analytics with a concentration in legal studies & business ethics, Korn’s is in philosophy, politics, and economics with a minor in statistics. Both women have a knack for numbers, and a ...Read More

Research Spotlight: Cryptocurrency Confidence Index

Analytics at Wharton spoke with David Reibstein, Catherine “Cait” Lamberton, Z. John Zhang, and, Martin P. Fritze about their research into the attitudes of consumers towards cryptocurrencies – whose true value is famously difficult to ascertain – and how those attitudes are reflected in the pricing of cryptocurrencies. Read More

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How Can We Meet the AI Moment?

Wharton Vice Dean of AI & Analytics Eric Bradlow discusses how generative AI can be leveraged to enhance our lives, and why the first step to understanding AI is to start using it.Read More