The Wharton AI & Analytics Initiative Takes Center Stage at the Wharton Global Forum

On June 7-8, 2024, the Wharton School hosted its 56th Wharton Global Forum in São Paulo, Brazil, and the Wharton AI & Analytics Initiative (WAIAI) took center stage. With more than 400 Wharton alumni in attendance from around the world, Eric Bradlow, Vice Dean of AI & Analytics at Wharton, presented a look at the future of Wharton, AI, and analytics.Read More

Student Spotlight – Emma Segerman and Naomi Korn Tackle the Sports Industry

Emma Segerman and Naomi Korn

Emma Segerman and Naomi Korn have a lot in common. Both are graduating seniors at the University of Pennsylvania – Segerman’s degree is in business analytics with a concentration in legal studies & business ethics, Korn’s is in philosophy, politics, and economics with a minor in statistics. Both women have a knack for numbers, and a deep love for sports. They were both involved with the Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative (WSABI) as undergrads, and they both have jobs lined up in the sports industry waiting for them when they graduate.Read More

Research Spotlight: Cryptocurrency Confidence Index

Analytics at Wharton spoke with David Reibstein, Catherine “Cait” Lamberton, Z. John Zhang, and, Martin P. Fritze about their research into the attitudes of consumers towards cryptocurrencies – whose true value is famously difficult to ascertain – and how those attitudes are reflected in the pricing of cryptocurrencies.Read More

How to Improve AI Fairness in an Unfair World

neutral artificial intelligence Scales of Justice in the Digital World Digital scale illustration on futuristic network background. Fairness and equality in ethics

Hamsa Bastani, Faculty Co-Lead at the Wharton Healthcare Analytics Lab, is co-author of a recent research paper, Rethinking Fairness for Human-AI Collaboration, with Haosen Ge, Data Scientist, Analytics at Wharton and Osbert Bastani, assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania.Read More

Visiting Scholars Amit Gandhi and Cornelia C. Walther Join Analytics at Wharton

Analytics at Wharton is proud to welcome Amit Gandhi and Cornelia Walther as visiting scholars for the academic year. In their roles, Gandhi and Walther will provide thought leadership and content expertise for a variety of programs at Analytics at Wharton, serving as faculty mentors for student teams and subject matter experts. With a focus on corporate relationships and humanitarian-focused uses of technology, Analytics at Wharton couldn’t have welcomed these two brilliant scholars at a better time. Read More