The Wharton AI & Analytics Initiative Forms Research Partnership with Google

The Wharton AI & Analytics Initiative (WAIAI), a renowned hub for data-driven research, is excited to reveal its latest collaboration with Google. This two-year academic partnership aims to encourage research and new thinking on how Marketing Mix Modeling (MMMs) and Multi-Touch Attributions (MTA) tools are used to understand how marketing impacts sales/conversions, despite privacy-related restrictions. WAIAI hopes to find new ways to innovate on MMMs and Aggregate models to address traditional MTA use cases, as well as combine MMMs and MTAs to determine impacts of marketing.

Through this collaboration, WAIAI and Google will integrate academic insight with industry-leading technology. Mary Purk, Executive Director of Corporate & Donor Engagement at the Wharton AI & Analytics Initiative, expressed her enthusiasm about this partnership. “Collaborating with Google is a fusion of academic rigor and industry foresight,” she said. “This partnership will develop new methodologies using MMM and MTA models, forging a path for tangible impacts in both theoretical and practical realms. It’s a testament to our commitment at the Wharton AI & Analytics Initiative to not only explore the frontiers of analytics but also to translate these explorations into real-world applications.”

The partnership is set to commence immediately.