How to Improve AI Fairness in an Unfair World

neutral artificial intelligence Scales of Justice in the Digital World Digital scale illustration on futuristic network background. Fairness and equality in ethics

Hamsa Bastani, Faculty Co-Lead at the Wharton Healthcare Analytics Lab, is co-author of a recent research paper, Rethinking Fairness for Human-AI Collaboration, with Haosen Ge, Data Scientist, Analytics at Wharton and Osbert Bastani, assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania.Read More

AI at Wharton – Business & Generative AI Workshop Recap

On September 8, 2023, AI at Wharton faculty, plus researchers, industry professionals, and academics from diverse disciplines joined together for an engaging workshop that explored the transformative role of generative AI on business models, industries, and global economies.

The conference helped to provide opportunities to network with thought leaders, exchange ideas, share knowledge, and envision the future possibilities of this nascent technology. If you missed out on the workshop or want to revisit a particular session, recordings are available below. Read More

AI on the Mind: Analytics at Wharton’s Neuroscientists Weigh In On AI’s Future with our Brains

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence present massive changes for every industry, and neuroscience is no exception. Analytics at Wharton sat down with our resident neuroscience experts – Michael Platt and Zab Johnson – to find out how they’re preparing, and how our brains will work with AI in the future.Read More

Data Science to the Rescue: Faculty Tackle Real-World Problems

Eric Bradlow, Vice Dean of Analytics at the Wharton School, leads a discussion on how Penn is harnessing huge data sets to improve health care, manage business challenges, identify crime patterns, mitigate the risks of social media, and more (#ImpactAnalytics).Read More

Data Can Lead to More Smiles

Analytics Accelerator Case Study Data Can Lead to More Smiles Objective Align Technology is a global medical device company known for its industry leading Invisalign™ system, iTero™ intraoral screeners and digital services, and exocad ™ CAD/CAM software.   The company partnered with Wharton AI & Analytics for Business (AIAB) and WhartonRead More