Wharton Women in Analytics 2024

This March, Analytics at Wharton celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month by showcasing business analytics leaders, pioneering researchers, and rising data science superstars.

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Industry Influencers

Fifth Annual Women in Data Science @ Penn Conference

Analytics at Wharton and Penn Engineering had the distinct pleasure of hosting the fifth annual Women in Data Science @ Penn Conference on February 8-9. After an informative tour of the Penn Museum kicked the event off on Thursday evening, more than 120 attendees came to campus at the Wharton School on Friday to hear from industry, academic, and student experts, and to network and collaborate with like-minded peers. Read More >>

2023 Wharton Sports Business Summit

The Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative (WSABI) hosted its 5th annual Wharton Sports Business Summit on November 3, 2024. More than 200 registrants came to campus at the Wharton School to learn from industry leaders like Val Ackerman, Commissioner of the Big East Conference and the Summit’s keynote speaker. Ackerman, who previously served as the President of the Women’s National Basketball Association, observed the rising interest in women’s sports – particularly at the college level – and noted that it is ultimately up to the fans to help women’s sports grow.

The Summit also featured a Women in Sports Business panel, featuring Olga Harvey, Chief Strategy & Impact Officer at the Women’s Sports Foundation, China Jude, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Denver Broncos, Emily Leitner, Producer with NFL Films, and Katie O’Reilly, Chief Revenue Officer with the Philadelphia 76ers. The speakers shared their experience in helping to trailblaze a more equitable and gender-diverse sports landscape before offering optimism for the years to come. They stressed it would be up to individuals in the room and their peers to help shape the sports industry future they desired. Read More >>

FanDuel CEO Amy Howe, WG’99, on Sports Business and Women’s Athletics

In January, FanDuel CEO Amy Howe, WG’99, joined the Wharton Sports Business Club for a discussion about the intersection of sports, business, and analytics. Wharton Sports Business and Analytics Initiative (WSABI) caught up with her afterward to continue the conversation. Read More >>

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The Next Generation of Female Analytics Leaders

Analytics Accelerator

During the Fall 2023 Analytics Accelerator, teams of students from across the University of Pennsylvania worked with corporate partners Align Technology, IKEA, TaskRabbit, and Zillow, analyzing their real data to uncover actionable business insights. We caught up with students from the Accelerator to hear about their experience working with these companies, and leading their Analytics Accelerator teams to success. Read More >>

MindCORE (Mind Center for Outreach, Research, and Education) Summer Research Program

The Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and AAW sponsored scholarships for four undergraduates in this summer’s MindCORE Summer Fellowship, a 10-week paid program available to both Penn and non-Penn undergraduates. Participants collaborate with mentors on personalized research projects. This year’s recipients include Chase Austin (Howard University), Denise Cortese (University of Puerto Rico), Alphonse Engels (New College of Florida), and Arden Spehar (Vassar College). Explore Denise’s and Arden’s experiences further. Read More >>

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Cutting-Edge Research

Explaining the Rise in Prime Age Women’s Employment

Discover the groundbreaking insights from a recent analysis by the Penn Wharton Budget Model. Unveiling a remarkable surge in prime age women’s employment, hitting an unprecedented high of 75.3%, the study unveils the pivotal role of increased educational attainment and empowered college-educated mothers in reshaping the workforce landscape. Dive into the data to uncover how these shifts are not only rewriting employment norms but also narrowing the child penalty divide. Read More >>

Estimating the Effect of YouTube Recommendations

This month, we spoke with Homa Hosseinmardi, a research scientist at the University of Pennsylvania’s Computational Social Science Lab, about her recent study, “Causally Estimating the Effect of YouTube’s Recommender System Using Counterfactual Bots.” This study aims to understand the role YouTube’s recommendation system plays in informing user behavior and consumption. The results of Homa’s research might surprise you. Read More >>

Using Machine Learning to Distribute Aid in Sierra Leone

Angel (Tsai-Hsuan) Chung, a second-year PhD student in Wharton’s Operations, Information and Decisions (OID) Department, has harnessed the power of machine learning to assist the government of Sierra Leone to efficiently and equitably optimize health supply chains. Her team’s approach reconciles a number of aggregating factors – such as inconsistent and unpredictable supply, poor and disparate data, and off-market distributions.

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AI in Focus

The artificial intelligence revolution is officially upon us. Hear from host Eric Bradlow, vice dean of Analytics at Wharton, as he meets with Wharton faculty experts across a wide range of business domains — from health care and neuroscience to sports and the auto industry — to learn how AI will impact these fields moving forward, and what we can do to stay ahead of the curve. Full Series >>

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Women @ Work

Women@Work is a weekly conversation on how to help women join, stay, succeed, and lead in the workplace. Host Laura Zarrow, executive director of Wharton People Analytics, explores tactics and strategies to help women and men succeed at all stages of their careers, talks with extraordinary role models, and looks through the gender lens to build a more inclusive, satisfying, and diverse workplace. Women@Work airs every Thursday from 5-6 p.m. ET only on SiriusXM 132. More Episodes >>