Analytics at Wharton


Nudge Cartography: Building a map to navigate behavioral research

Linnea Gandhi (right), a Ph.D. candidate in the Wharton School, and research assistant Anoushka Kiyawat (left), believe that insights from behavioral science should be as easy to navigate as Google Maps, helping researchers and policymakers find the best science-backed route to any behavior change challenge. Photo credit: Penn Today

Linnea Gandhi, a Ph.D. candidate at The Wharton School, together with research assistant Anoushka Kiyawat, is dedicated to making behavioral science insights more accessible, akin to the ease of navigating Google Maps. Their objective is to empower researchers and policymakers in tackling behavior-change challenges by providing them with a reliable and user-friendly platform.

The project has received funding from Analytics at Wharton and Wharton AI & Analytics for Business. With support from a team of collaborators from both the University of Pennsylvania and various industries, they are developing a novel human-AI “nudge cartography” pipeline. This innovative system will effectively map choice architecture experiments, ultimately making them accessible to the public for widespread use.