Wharton Analytics Project Request Form

The Wharton Analytics Project Request Form provides organizations the opportunity to submit challenges they would like our faculty and/or students to help them solve using their data. Analytics at Wharton partners with University of Pennsylvania student clubs, departments, and faculty who are interested in working on data analytics projects. Preference will be given to non-profit organizations and small businesses located in the greater Philadelphia region.

Are you a Wharton or Penn alum?(Required)
Successful student projects require a minimum of 5+ hours/week for 6-8 weeks from the main point of contact. Please confirm availability for:(Required)
Does your organization have IT or data analytics professionals?(Required)
Can Analytics at Wharton use your organization logo for promotional purposes and in media coverage?(Required)
If your company is selected, as an added benefit, will you authorize Analytics at Wharton to use your organization sponsored data for other student projects like data competitions, student research projects, coursework, and workshops?(Required)