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Analytics at Wharton Launches the Wharton Healthcare Analytics Lab

Hamsa Bastani
Hamsa Bastani
Marissa King
Marissa King
Laura Zarrow

While learning algorithms improve and expand at a rapid rate, and management practices continue to evolve, the need for high-quality healthcare for all remains the same. That’s why Analytics at Wharton is thrilled to unveil the Wharton Healthcare Analytics Lab (WHAL), comprised of experts who work at the intersection of healthcare and data science, to improve healthcare delivery globally.

WHAL is led by Hamsa Bastani, Associate Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions, Marissa King, Alice Y. Hung President’s Distinguished Professor of Health Care Management, and Laura Zarrow, Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation with Analytics at Wharton.

Although the Lab is newly formalized, its leadership and ten affiliated faculty have already made significant contributions to improving healthcare and will continue to do so across five key areas of focus: resource allocation, workforce wellbeing, innovative trials, treatment and care, and health equity.

To ensure long-term innovation and praxis in the domain of healthcare analytics, WHAL also offers a Healthcare Data and Analytics course for students at the University of Pennsylvania – HCMG 3570 and HCMG 8570 (undergraduates and MBA students, respectively). This course prepares students with the skills necessary to thoughtfully interpret and utilize healthcare data, and to anticipate business opportunities the data presents.

“What excites me most about WHAL is the ability to take these insights gained from academic research and apply them directly to practice to improve healthcare outcomes,” says Eric Bradlow, Vice Dean of Analytics at Wharton. “Our world-class faculty are uniquely positioned to leverage data analytics to make meaningful and wide-spread change for the practice of healthcare at large.”

Visit the WHAL website to learn more, and join our mailing list to hear about updates, new research, case studies, and events.