Analytics at Wharton


Analytics at Wharton Announces Advisory Board

Analytics at Wharton is thrilled to announce the formation of our inaugural Advisory Board. This group of business leaders from across a wide spectrum of industries joins our team as liaisons between Analytics at Wharton and our external constituencies.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of individuals selected for their support of Analytics at Wharton, the excellence they have demonstrated in their respective fields, and their interest and willingness to strengthen and advance Analytics at Wharton’s core philosophy – using data to advance business, innovate research, transform education, and impact society through analytics.

“From the beginning, Analytics at Wharton was formed to provide an interface between academia (our research and teaching missions) and industry,” says Eric Bradlow, vice dean of Analytics at Wharton. “Our Advisory Board will enable us to stay current and innovative so that we remain at the forefront of analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related fields.”

Members of the Advisory Board will assist Analytics at Wharton across four primary functions:

  • Represent Analytics at Wharton as its advocates and ambassadors
  • Facilitate dialogue between Analytics at Wharton and its stakeholders, including alumni, other schools and universities, corporations, governments, and prospective candidates for degree and non-degree programs
  • Communicate ideas and insights from external constituencies regarding student training and education, research, curriculum, outreach, and programming to Analytics at Wharton
  • Help support the diversity-based mission of Analytics at Wharton and its impact on a broad population

Please visit our Advisory Board page to learn more about our members.