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Markets in Motion


Santosh Misra
Commissioner of e-Governance
Government of Tamil Nadu

Santosh Misra, Commissioner of e-Governance for the Government of Tamil Nadu, joined Wharton Marketing Professors Raghu Iyengar and David Reibstein for “Markets in Motion,” a series that examines how marketing leaders and others are pivoting their business strategies and innovating in a time of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Markets in Motion

Marketers are in the midst of a unique pandemic induced recession. For many, it is their first as a business leader. The decisions they make during this recession have major and immediate implications for their future profits, competitiveness, and careers.

Wharton Marketing Professors Raghu Iyengar and David Reibstein and Stephen Diorio, Director of Forbes Marketing Accountability Initiative, examined how business leaders should adapt to the current recession in the context of history, known academic research, and a survey of 352 CMOs to understand the actions leaders are taking today in the wake of the Covid-19 recession.