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Fall 2020 Analytics Accelerator
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Despite disruptions caused by the pandemic, AIAB successfully hosted its fifth (first virtual) Analytics Accelerator. Over the course of six weeks, student teams, comprised of undergrads and graduates across the University, worked with real-world data to solve a unique challenge posed by their respective company sponsors. This flagship experiential learning program culminated in the Summit on Nov. 13 when student teams presented their findings.

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Comcast is an American telecommunications conglomerate, providing cable, internet, and mobile phone services to approximately 45% of the US.

Comcast is looking to use customer-level purchase data to understand how consumers value their products and product bundles, helping the company identify opportunities for new product bundles and/or pricing adjustments.

Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions is a manufacturer of expeditionary compute and networking platforms to defense and public safety markets.

Cubic is looking to create dashboards that allow them to visualize customer lifetime value (CLV) and market growth opportunities.

Evite is a Los Angeles-based social-planning platform for creating, sending, and managing online invitations.

Evite is looking to use its historical event data and publicly available COVID-19 related data (cases/deaths and city reopening phases) to predict when and where in-person events will resume.  Evite would also like to consider how its event data can provide a signal for public health and to predict spikes and spread of disease.

Lidl is a global discount supermarket chain, based in Germany, that operates more than 10,000 stores across Europe and 94 stores in the United States.

Lidl is looking to understand customer behavior and preferences, based on region, to build a recommendation system for localized product assortments and to optimize consumer promotions.

Neuroflow is a SaaS healthcare technology and analytics company enabling behavioral health access and engagement to improve outcomes, overall wellness, and costs of care.

Neuroflow is looking to build a statistical model to identify users at high risk of churn, which will help inform product design, promotional offerings, etc. to proactively engage and retain these users. They are also looking for recommendations for app development and user experience.

TE Connectivity is a technology company that designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor products for harsh environments in a variety of industries.

TE Connectivity is looking to develop a “what-if” scenario tool to simulate business impact when changes are made to their network of suppliers and distributors, including authorizations, terminations, and product line additions/subtractions.

About the Analytics Accelerator

Every fall and spring semester, Wharton AI & Analytics for Business hosts the Analytics Accelerator, an experiential learning program that pairs students with a company to solve a real-world business problem using the company’s actual datasets and the latest techniques including machine learning and AI.

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