Eric Eisenstein and Paul Sabin Join Analytics at Wharton as Senior Fellows

Analytics at Wharton is proud to welcome Eric Eisenstein, as a Senior Analytics Fellow, and Paul Sabin, as a Senior Sports Analytics Fellow with the Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative, to our team for the 2023-2024 academic year. In their roles, Eisenstein and Sabin will provide thought leadership and content expertise for a variety of programs at Analytics at Wharton, serving as faculty mentors for student teams and subject matter experts.Read More

AI at Wharton – Business & Generative AI Workshop Recap

On September 8, 2023, AI at Wharton faculty, plus researchers, industry professionals, and academics from diverse disciplines joined together for an engaging workshop that explored the transformative role of generative AI on business models, industries, and global economies.

The conference helped to provide opportunities to network with thought leaders, exchange ideas, share knowledge, and envision the future possibilities of this nascent technology. If you missed out on the workshop or want to revisit a particular session, recordings are available below. Read More

Wharton Professor’s SCEPTRE Tool Helps Link Genetics to Disease Risk

It’s not often the case that statisticians have an advanced understanding of genomics, but it’s exactly this combination of expertise that has Eugene Katsevich, assistant professor of statistics and data science at the Wharton School, making waves with his team’s new software package, SCEPTRE. At its core, SCEPTRE is a free, easy-to-use statistical tool that biologists can utilize to uncover correlations between certain genetic variants and their impact on disease risk. Understanding these correlations can help scientists accelerate the speed, and improve the effectiveness, with which they are able to treat a number of diseases. Read More

Wharton Sports Analytics Summer Research Lab – Student Spotlight

For most students, the transition from spring to summer presents an opportunity to wrap up finals, close their textbooks, and enjoy a relaxing few months before starting back up again. That’s not quite the case for students in the Wharton Sports Analytics Research Lab (WSARL), a new offering from the Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative (WSABI), created for select undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania.Read More

AI on the Mind: Analytics at Wharton’s Neuroscientists Weigh In On AI’s Future with our Brains

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence present massive changes for every industry, and neuroscience is no exception. Analytics at Wharton sat down with our resident neuroscience experts – Michael Platt and Zab Johnson – to find out how they’re preparing, and how our brains will work with AI in the future.Read More

A Day in the Life of a Wharton Student: Spring 2023 Analytics Accelerator

For the past three semesters, Rishabh Mandayam, M&T’24, has been collaborating with Analytics at Wharton’s corporate partners on the Analytics Accelerator, a six-week project where students wrangle company data and provide actionable business solutions. This spring marked the 10th Analytics Accelerator and saw Mandayam’s student team working alongside Hearst to uncover insights about the company’s readers.Read More